AW Farm Treasure Box!

-aRaa:873 days ago
Treasure Box!

What is AW farm Treasure Box and how to play?
it is the latest feature in .af. . Every 3 days you will find a treasure box in arawap farm! its locked!!
.right. you need .key. 3 keys to unlock it .
.right. you get 7 friends suggestions who have unlock keys. you have to select 3 of them . if you not satisfied with that 7 friends you can .refresh. refresh the page so u get new friends suggestions

+aRaa:873 days ago
.right. after sent 3 keys requests , you have 1 hour to collect all 3 keys .
.right. when your friend send you a .key. he gets .starsm. 1 Activity point and 1000 credits award
once you collect 3 unlock keys . you can open your .+. Treasure Box

+aRaa:873 days ago
Whats inside treasure Box?
.right. Its a surprise!! you will find yourself. every farmer gets different treasure boxes! additionally you get .starsm. 7 Activity points

+aRaa:873 days ago
Post in this topic your ideas and what you got in treasure box.cheers.

+HappY:873 days ago
.wow. .ura. very nice brother .kiu.

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