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+JAvED:60 days ago
Hello ...guys simple questions you win 100% of what u beted
betting amount 10000-1lakh crdt

+JAvED:60 days ago
Todays Question:::
who will get highest runs among these today?
option 1---Virat Kohli
option 2 --aaron Finch
option 3--KL Rahul
option 4--mayank Agrawal
option 5---Deepak Padikal

+JAvED:60 days ago
For the above qstn if u bet 10000 ...u will get 10000 etccc =100%

+soumik74:60 days ago
Aaron Finch ..10000crdts

+JAvED:60 days ago
Soumik74 in game.ela....fullfit...

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