Gangster Friends 2019 (.agf.)

-aRaa:4 month(s) ago
Here we start Arawap Gangster Friends (AGF) season 02 !!
We do this game only one time per year !! So dont miss this chance to join this team work game !!
.coin.Its a real money Game !!
Its time to show how strong gang you have in .aw. .friends. .strong. *
+aRaa:4 month(s) ago
Game sponsers and Judge Bord
This is Real money game , Sponsers get .certy. GAWA certificate and they are in Judge Bord. they have power to kickout rule breakers from game and to select winner when get same votes
( .award. List will be updated soon ) *
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+aRaa:4 month(s) ago
How to play this game
.qt. Make a Team with 5 Members .next. make your gang team name and logo(AGF gallery page will be available soon!!)
.qt. then arawap users vote ur team (one user has 3 votes )
.qt. Most voted AGF teams go Next round
Game Rules
.!2. 1 user can join one team only
.!2. previous ASM/ASO/AGF winners(1st place in last 2 years) can NOT join this game
.!2. 1st place more than two years CAN join AGF but in his team cant stay with another win in same team
.!2. previous ASM/ASO/AGF winners (2nd and 3rd place) can join this game. but maximum 1 winner in one team
.!2.Every team member must agree to stay in your team, otherwise your team will be rejected
.!2. Main staf can join this game. but maximum 1 main staff member in one team
.!2. fake nick votes or any type of cheating may causes kickout from the game without further warning *
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+aRaa:4 month(s) ago
Game Tips
.point.try to thank voted ppl so they will vote u again
.point. be friendly in arawap , so ppl will love u
.point. try to invite new friendz to .aw. they can vote you .coz they have fresh green nick (single nicks)
Game Schedule
Starts voting on 19th of August @ 8PM
.diamond.22nd - most voted 5 Teams!
.diamond.25th - 3rd place!
.diamond.28th - 2nd Place
and .+. 1st Place .+. *
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+aRaa:4 month(s) ago
Winning rewards!!
.cup. 1st Place: 10000000 Credits + 50% Real Money
.star3. 2nd place: 6000000 Credits + 30% Real Money
.star3. 3rd Place: 3000000 Credits + 20% Real Money
.star3. 4th to 5th place will get 2000000 Credits!!
.point. every user join this game gets 10000 credits
(PS: All contribution money from sponsors will be divided as above rate) *
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