AraWap References!!

+aRaa:11 year(s) ago
Well.. after 2 weeks break ..again back with a newly code with still not found in a wap.. *
+aRaa:11 year(s) ago
earlier u might have invited alot of users to arawap but alot ppl got a problem how to prove dat.. mmm so AraWap refference thing is da best solution for dat.
.gcoin.Now U hv TWO ways to invite users to arawap from ur reference
.+.1. Use ur reference Link to invite users ( ) - U can use dat link as a signature , buddy msg in other waps..

.alert.Ur Reference Link is *
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+aRaa:11 year(s) ago
.+.2. In arawap registration form Newly field applied "who told u abot arawap?" ask ur friend to put ur arawap nick in dat field.. *
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+aRaa:11 year(s) ago
So wen ur reffered member regster to arawap , u will get automatic PM dat ur reffered memeber is registerd.. and in ur profile also u can see ur reffered members list.. SO its so easy.. Every reference u will get 5000 credits and more reference u will get GAWA (Great AraWap Award) certificate in ur profile and ViP membership in Arawap! *
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-ASeLa:11 year(s) ago
.ela. *
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