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-aRaa:11 year(s) ago
U wanna join to AW staff ? of coz u can.!! not like in other wap we dont sell staff posts.. if u really love arawap u can go to .+.ARAWAP Ownership posts.+. also..
.x.ARAWAP is One n Only wap site on da earth wich offer u wap ownership!!
but u must go step by step. *
+aRaa:11 year(s) ago
wena wap sites oyaala balen staff denawa wenna puluwan.. ehema naththam salli wata staff posts wikunanawa wenna puluwan. but arawap eke ehema na.AW staff ekata awama therei oyalata meka wena staff wata wada koitharam wenasda kiyala. so if interested to become a Ara-staff memeber u must hv to Join .+.Chat Mods Club! .+. First! *
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+aRaa:11 year(s) ago
And then Read All topics ( dont mis anytopic)in dat club n get an idea how is staff proceedure runs on ARAWAp
.!. Get recmnds from 3 chat mods and 2 main staffers as u ar active and qulified user and then pm to one of sections heads with ur recmnds.(ask from ur chat mod and main staff friends for recmnds) *
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+aRaa:11 year(s) ago
Then u will hv a little test about arawap features n genaral knowledge of wap..when u are ready for da test, PM to
p.s. you must have
.*. at least 5000 chat posts
.*.5 days online time
.*. 6 mnths or above premium package
.*.3 recomnds
to Apply for chat mod post
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+aRaa:11 year(s) ago
test is 10 Q.s PM n u hv one hour to answer by a Pm. if pass(u need to get correct answers 7.5 out of 10) it. u r ready to be a Chat mod > Moderator > Admin > Head Admin > Owner Good luck!! cheers. *
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