AW Hug System

+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
Hello We are Introduce a New Feature For You. Its
.+..hug2.AW Hug System.hug2..+.
This Feature is Same as AW Poke System. But Now You Can Hug Your favourite persons By Using AW Hug System.hug2.
.down. Read This Topic And Learn About .hug2. Hug System .hug2..down..awb. *
+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
.star..hug2.How Can You Hug Others?.star.
.point2.Go Their Profile
.point2.Click .hug2.Hug Button
.star..hug2.What Happens When You Hug
.point2.When You Hug Someone He/She Will Get Special Message From You. *
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+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
.star..hug2.How Can You Hug Back?
.point2.After You Got That Special Message, There is a Link to .hug2.Hug Back.Click That Link Or Go To His/Her Profile Click .hug2.Hug Button. *
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+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
.star.Hug Packages
.hug2.5 Hugs Pkg = 1000 Credits
.hug2.15 Hugs Pkg = 3000 Credits
.hug2.30 Hugs Pkg = 6000 Credits
P.S Before You Hug Others You Have To Buy Hug Package *
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+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
.+.Now You Can Hug Your Friends/GF/BF or Other Loved Ones By Using .hug2.AW Hug System.hug2.
Hope You Can Get Some Knowledge About Hug System From This Topicthink.
Do You Wanna Know How To Hug Others?So Go To My Proflie & Click Hug Button or Hug backlol.

.hug2.Coded By aRaa
.hug2.Topic Edited By DreamZ
.+.If You Got Any Problem About This Feature, Please Contact DreamZ.hug2. *
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