AW Poke System

+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
Hello We are Introduce a New Feature For You.Its
.+..poke. AW Poke System.+.
Read This Topic and Learn About Poke System.down..awb. *
+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
.star..poke.How Can You Poke Others
.point2.Go Their Profile
.point2.Click .poke.Poke Button

.star..poke.What Happens When You Poke
.point2.When You Poke Someone He/She Will Get Special Message From You. *
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+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
.star..poke.How Can You Poke Back
.point2.After You Got That Special Message, There is a Link to .poke.Poke Back. Click That Link Or Go To His/Her Profile Click .poke.Poke Button *
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+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
.poke.5 Pokes Pkg = 1000 Credits
.poke.15 Pokes Pkg = 3000 Credits
.poke.30 Pokes Pkg = 6000 Credits
P.S Before You Poke Others You Have To Buy Poke Packagewink. *
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+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
.+.You Can Poke Others To Say Hello
.point.Hope You Can Get Some Knowledge About Poke From This Topicthink.
Do You Wanna Know How To Poke Others?So Go To My Proflie & Click .poke.Poke Buttonlol.
.poke.Idea By SHaMMi
.poke.Coded By aRaa
.poke.Topic Edited By DreamZ
If You Got Any Problem About This Feature, Please Contact DreamZ *
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