AW Security Alert System

+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
.attention.A Special Announcement For All Arawappers.
This Specially For You

Read This Topic Carefully And Get Idea About This Feature. *
+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
This is a Special Feature To Get Know About Security of Your Account.From This Feature, You'll Able to Know Who Has Used Your Account By Using Your Password. *
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+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
.star.This Is How It
.point2.Your Browser May Be Mozilla,Opera,Phone Browser Or Might Other Browser.
Your Browser Is CCBot/2.0
.point2.If You Use To Log With Other Browser It Will Know Our Secury System.alert.
.point2.After When You Try To Loggin With Your Current/Normal Browser (CCBot/2.0) , You'll Get a Special Security Alert To Your Arawap Logging Page.
.point2.So You'll Able To Know Wether Someone Has Used Your Account Or Notfit.
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+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
Hope You Get Some Knowledge About This Featurethink.
If You Have Any Problem About This Feature Please Contact DreamZ
.alert.Dont Forget To Read This Topic.alert..down.
.star2.Arawap profile security!!
.awb. *
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+DreamZ:8 year(s) ago
.ft. Araa .awb. .gl. *
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