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-UShAaN:8 year(s) ago

.!.Date: 29/10/2011...
Brand New Brain Game Released
in AraWap for the 1st time in wap history, 100% coded by the superb programmar ever born @ this I wonder how clever he is as within 2days he finished the base of the game coding after having the idea of Bid Master Multy Player Game.....eyerub. A big hand goes to the programmar/owner aRaa again....clap. Do enjoy your family wap with this new brain game...!!!friends.

ps: 100% Bid Master Game idea and all codings copyrighted to AraWap. *
+LeoNiNe:8 year(s) ago
.yeah.realy thatz wonder.clap.araa n ushan.kiu. *
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-Nishan16:8 year(s) ago
ela- *
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