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-UShAaN:8 year(s) ago

.!.Date: 29/10/2011...
Brand New Brain Game Released
in AraWap for the 1st time in wap history, 100% coded by the superb programmar ever born @ this I wonder how clever he is as within 2days he finished the base of the game coding after having the idea of Bid Master Multy Player Game.....eyerub. A big hand goes to the programmar/owner aRaa again....clap. Do enjoy your family wap with this new brain game...!!!friends.

ps: 100% Bid Master Game idea and all codings copyrighted to AraWap. *
+UShAaN:8 year(s) ago

.!.Home > Chat rooms > Bid Master(win credits)... Make a bet amount and bid a number & win the pot credits...!!!.cheers. It is all about your ability to guess others numbers and hit them using your mind...strong. Winning ability 100% depends on the users hand, that is why this game differs from all other standard multiplayer wap games... Play as well as Enjoy and Win..!!!.coinboy. You may add your comments and your ideas here...!!!friends. *
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+thivi:8 year(s) ago
.good. *
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+LeoNiNe:8 year(s) ago
.yeah.realy thatz wonder.clap.araa n ushan.kiu. *
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-Nishan16:8 year(s) ago
ela- *
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