Chat Room Rules

-SHaMMi:9 year(s) ago
.point2.Chat Room Rules for All
.point. You canot use Bad words in Public Chat Rooms!
.point. You Cannot Annoy or Fight With users.
.point. You can use BATTLE ROOM only for fightings or Filthy Chat
+SHaMMi:9 year(s) ago
.point. You Must chat only in ENGLSH at English Chat Room
.point. You Canot use other Lanuges in Specific of Country chat rooms
(ex: In SL Chat room you canot use Hindi,In SL chat room only can be use in Sinhala and if SL chatters wish you can use English Also)
.point. You cant chat containing racism, links to other sites, spamming, flooding, adult content
.point. in Chat rooms you can use BBcodes only if you know it well. cos wrong bbcodes gives errors.
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+SHaMMi:9 year(s) ago
.point..point. You Must Respect All USERS in Arawap. Specialy u must obey Chat Mods and Staff Members.
.point..point. If u Break these rules Chat Mods/Staff Members have powers to kick out you from Arawap in any time and if u again and again break rules staff members will punish you.
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+SHaMMi:9 year(s) ago
.point2.Chat Room Rules for Chat Mods
.point. You too respect above rules!
.point. You canot kickout users for pvt Reasons! or cant kickout in other country chat room
(ex: if u an indian u cant kickout in SL chat room member, u have powers to kickout only in indian chat room and english chat room.when u see any member break chat rules in other country chat room,pm to online staff member about that and report that chat msg)
.point. You should warn at least one *
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+SHaMMi:9 year(s) ago
time, and also u must report that chat msgs to main staff before kikout any user!
.point. Always try to make chat room peace!

If You Have Any Problem About Chat Section..., You Can Directly Contact Chat Section heads .+.Nadz or ndlakmal *
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