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.star.Read this well if you wana be clear dougts about
.+.flooding-topics,posts and
.+.useless- topics,posts.
.star.clubs and topics are about sharing your knowledge,entertainment+full filling answers for your questions!
.star.Below given points will help you to know,what is flooding topics,posts and useless topic,posts *
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.+.flooding means which you make somthing continously with same,meaningless and unreasonably.+.
eg-same posts posted twice or more,topics copied of other clubs with same meaning,using a topic for just posting your nick,numbers even just one word
.+.its what called as flooding .+..attention.specially when creating topics dnt add unwanted symbols in topic name.alert. *
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-LAGU:9 year(s) ago
.+.useless topics means which made meaning less and just for getting posts, eg-sign n win crtdz,count numers n win crdtz,who wil be nxt poster,
.+.these sort of topics are just made to get posts but not worth,even for entertainment ,its not binded.+. *
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-LAGU:9 year(s) ago
.star.useless posts
.+.use less posts means which posts made out of topics and posts made just with smiles for disturbing other posts
.+. and also passing hints for other users. are which know to be useless posts *
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-LAGU:9 year(s) ago
.star.annoying and hint topics
.+.annoying topic or hint topics means which topics made for just teasing specific someone with considering there nick
.+.an also which topic made for teasing and hint passing include in this.+. *
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