section leaders of AW

-SLIMzz:9 year(s) ago
+SLIMzz:9 year(s) ago

.star.Coding+Premium Section:aRaa

.star.Interview New staff Mods:NADz
.star. Gold coins and AW financial Manager PiYa / (SaNDika)
.star.Chat Section: NADz and ndlakmal
.star.Validating and Panelties:SLIMzz / (SaNDika)
.star.Gallery Section:LAGU *
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+SLIMzz:9 year(s) ago

.star.User Care Section:SamEEE
.star.Clubs Section:SaNDika
.star.Site and New Coding Promoting section: DreamZ
.star. Trainer of new staff MOD s and new ADMIN s!:ndlakmal
[i](PS: .!2. nicks in the Bracket () Assistance section leader) *
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+SLIMzz:9 year(s) ago
We all ready to help u any time .fit. .mal. *
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+DreamZ:9 year(s) ago
.awb. .maxxa. .elaela. .araa. .slimz. .thulaj. .lagu. .nd. & all .clap. *
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