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-SHaMMi:9 year(s) ago
.xx.Shout Advertiser.xx.
.hello. Dear ...
Just newly coded .xx.Shout Advertiser.xx.....
Users can earn unlimited credits by shouting other users shouts..
Plz go to Shout page> .ad.Shout Advertiser(Earn Credits)..
This is 100% .aw. coding.... One And Only, Best And Fast..awb. *
+SHaMMi:9 year(s) ago
What are you think about this is .new. Feature...? Post ur ideas here... *
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-Mikey2:9 year(s) ago
.xx.mama nam kiyanne shammi club shout danna wanama shout box1 haduwanam .maru..xx. *
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+ZSHAN:9 year(s) ago
Nice work. But dnt u thing,..its ll bcom floodng in shout?... *
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+DreamZ:9 year(s) ago
.maru. .maru. .awb. *
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