How To Create a Club

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.+.BBCode = / newclub
.x.How To Create a Club.x.
Some .new. users always ask How to create new Club.... Just read this carefully...ela. *
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Requirements needed to create a club
.point. You must be a .star.6 Month Premium Account User or u must have above to Create a Club...xx. If you want to Get Premium Account, Join .star2.AW Premium Accounts! Club.star2.
.point. You must have more than 500 Credits to Create a Club..
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.!.Some Rulez for Club Owners.....
If You Hope Create a Club, Before you must read this is Topics...ela.
.point..alert. WHEN YOU ARE SHOUTING!! .alert.
.point..alert. Hw 2 Use BBCODES Correcly! .alert.
And also read below topics..
.point..alert.Club Rulez.alert.
.point..alert.Dont Do this.alert.
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.!.For .new. User,,,
.!.How To Create a Club.!.

Go to Main Page > Clubs > My Clubs and click Create Club.. *
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