Add ur Smilie to AraWap

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Shortcut BBcode: /smilies

.point. hello read below instruction for How to Add ur smilie to Arawap *
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.!. 1) We add smilies Only two times per month (we will add each smiley sets end of month and middle of month) so U have to wait two weeks to get ur smiley added to our system
.!. We will Add your smilie, ONLY If u have lifetime Premium pkg. (U need to contact smilie Creater and make ur smilie )
.!. Only one smilie is allowed per user
.!. If u can Make smilies, u can create smilies for urself and others
.!. We dont add ur smilie if it is not made in Standed size and format *
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+aRaa:9 year(s) ago
Smilie Standed size and Format

.star3. Smilie must be below 5 KB
.star3. Smilie Max Resolution 35 x 55
.star3. Smilie Background Must be Transparent
.star3. Smilie text and photo must be clear *
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+aRaa:9 year(s) ago
.x. If u make smilie for others we will pay you 20,000 Credits per each smlie u make .x.
But u must follow up above instruction. if u make smilies for others , 1st ask user like wat smilie he/she needs . then make smilie and 1st send that smilie to that user . if that user satisfy with ur smilie ,then send it to me
(Ur smilie will be added in End of da month Or Middle of Month, until then pls wait)] *
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