How to Earn More Credits?

-aRaa:12 year(s) ago
OK with these methods u can earn much creadits.Go to Fun menu N Play
.gcoin.Guess the number
.gcoin.Gold Coins
.gcoin.JackMate (In Chat Menu)
.gcoin.CRICKET (Chat Menu)
.gcoin.AW Poker (Chat Menu)
.gcoin.Tom N Jerry (Chat Menu)
.gcoin.AW Bid Master (Chat Menu)
+aRaa:12 year(s) ago
*Invite new members and Get 5000 credits for each one..( give .aw. site adres and ask them to visit here but DONT try to cheat us making arawap acounts urself to get credits. )
Invite Friends to AraWap *
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+aRaa:12 year(s) ago
.*.Amazin Credits offer if you buy a AW Premium AccountYou will recieve
.+.10,000 crdtz - 1 month pkg,
.+.20,000 crdtz - 3 months pkg,
.+.50,000 crdtz - 6 months pkg,
.+.80,000 crdtz - 1 year pkg,
.+.200,000 crdtz - Life time pkg, (u will be add More Features with premium account)
.alert.PS: you get these credits when you BUY premiums.dont get missunderstand u CAN NOT get premium giving crdtz!
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+aRaa:12 year(s) ago
Buy Creditz
.star. 40,000 Crdtz - Rs.50
.star. 100,000 Crdtz - Rs.100
.star. 250,000 Crdtz - Rs 200
.star. 600,000 Crdtz - Rs 400
.star. 1300,000 Creditz - Rs 800
Read More. Info. *
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+aRaa:12 year(s) ago
.gcoin.Deposit u hardly earned credits in Ara-Bank and get interest weekly!
.gcoin.Go to Main Page > Shout > Shout Adz > earn credits On the spot .star. *
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