-aRaa:12 year(s) ago
Not lyk otha waps, our arawap team du in our best ta world!
* U can deposit ur credits in ara-bank and get a 1% interest daily. Ex if u deposit 1000 credits, u can get 10 credits as di interest in one day! * U can withdraw ur credits in anytime u want..
* much features hv be to fix ta ara-bank , keep in touch! wink. *
+aRaa:12 year(s) ago
This ara-bank 100% coded by me and nowhere to find a wap bank lyk this. If u hv any ideas ta develop our bank ,plz pm me. ThanX! *
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+DarK_lOrd:12 year(s) ago
aRaa iz Great man !!!! ArAwAp bAnk iz Great work !!!! ArAwAp iz Great site in dis wAp world !!!! araa and all come here my Home Page. *
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-sisFReAK:12 year(s) ago
e-banking gr8 wrk araa *
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-PULli:12 year(s) ago
Gr8 job ara-up-thanx buddy *
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