Hw 2 Use BBCODES Correctly

-SLIMzz:10 year(s) ago
Topic Shortcut BBcode: /bbcode

.alert.all members read this topic carefully,this topic will help you how to use bb codes corectly and what errors wrong bb codes give us.fit. *
+SLIMzz:10 year(s) ago
u can find how to use bb codes
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+SLIMzz:10 year(s) ago
When you put BB CODES incorrectly opera browsers and few other browsres give errors.its disturb for users. *
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+SLIMzz:10 year(s) ago
Ex:if u want bold and underline u must put codes like this [b ][u ] text [ /u] [ /b],, bcoz if u start a bbcode code [ b] you have to end with that bbcode.. *
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+SLIMzz:10 year(s) ago
this is wrong!! ex: [ b][ u] text [ /b][ /u] bcoz its started with [ b] and end with [ /u] .. *
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