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-aRaa:10 year(s) ago
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.alert.Some times users complain us their profile get hacked! Its not an AW error. They get hacked themself! in these Ways ur profile can be hacked! Pls read these posts well and avoid gettin hack ur profile! fit. *
+aRaa:10 year(s) ago
bcoz if u use same password in Arawap and other waps, those n00b site owners know ur PW and they can log from ur nick! so if some1 invite you to another wap site. thats a trick to steal ur password. so report our online staff those ppl who give u other site links! thats da biggest help u can do for ARAWAP! *
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+aRaa:10 year(s) ago
.alert.Be careful when you give ur phone to ur friends, even any fox friend can edit ur Arawap Loggin page bookmark and he can get ur PW! *
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+aRaa:10 year(s) ago
.alert.and dont use weak passwords ex, like ur name, ur phone number, simple numbers like12345, ur girl friend name ,. cos other ppl may guess ur password! so if u think that u are usin a weak password or u use same password in other waps too.. as soon as u possible change ur password.
Go to My controls > edit profile > change password *
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+aRaa:10 year(s) ago
.alert. If anyone send u a link to aw logging page plz dont try to log with that page using ur nick and password! ,coz its a fake logging page.. if u do it, they wil get ur password.when u get pm like that (a link to a arawap logging page) contact online staff! . . . and always log with ur Loggin Bookmark, if u get that type of pm
if you follow these rules , Then we can confirm u that ur profile is Safe in Arawap ! have a nice araw@p journey! fit. *
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