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+OsHiThA:9 month(s) ago
.gl. awesome work .araa..jaya. *
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+ReYmAx:9 month(s) ago
Logging out when i get out and come in *
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+CHiNa:9 month(s) ago
@reymax thank you for commenting about the app, we will surely fix these errors in the next major update. Keep in touch *
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+CHiNa:9 month(s) ago
And still, you can't use app and web site at the same time we will fix this issue, soon as possible. *
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+OsHiThA:9 month(s) ago
.pm. notification is working. .done..rapa. ara yatin tyna icons tika udin tibbanm .maru. yatin tyddi nkn weird wge . Color ekat classic wge. .hehe. mobile eke back button eken click krddi app eken exit wenna ahanwa. Beta version eka wdyta meka sarthakaiii.. good job @china @araa *
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