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-LeoNiNe:85 days ago
Experience the thrill of cricket anytime, anywhere with our .new. online cricket game! Arawap ChampionShip Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, dive into immersive gameplay that captures the excitement of the sport.strategize your plays, and compete against players from around the W@P.

+LeoNiNe:57 days ago
.ycard.Game Rules & Conditions
.!.30 players will battle against each other for One Championship.
.!.once You entered The Game, You Cant Leave the game(Leaving middle of the game will be added You to AW Gaming Blacklist)
.!.Scheduled Matches Must Complete Between 06.00 AM to 11.00 PM(Site Time)
.!.If One Player is Online and the Other is Offline, Then the Online Player Can Decide to Reschedule or Abandon The Match.

+LeoNiNe:57 days ago
.!.Rescheduled Matches should be played within the Next 24 Hours.
.!.If-Match Abandoned, Inactive Player Get -1 Point
.!.Abandoned Matches (Active Player)Should Play Against @Captain_Cool & WIN
.!.If Both Players are Offline, Both Players Will get -1 point.
.!.Unplayed ReSchedule games Count as cancelled. (Active User gets 02 points).updated.

+LeoNiNe:57 days ago
.alert. 10 Overs Match with 100 Credits Bet
.alert. if Match Scores Got Tied, Players Should Play Another 02 Overs Match with 100 Bet
.alert. Any Kind of Technical issue will Not accepted as an excuse
.alert. Cricket Room Active Player Between 10.30 - 11.00 pm Count as Active Player.He/She Gets the Right to Choose Reschedul or Abandon.
.alert. If Both Players Cant Active Late Night, PM @LeoNiNe and ReSchedule The Match.

+LeoNiNe:57 days ago
.gift.Gifts & Rewards
.award.01st Place : Rs.5000 + Mr/Miss Cricketr AW Tag + 05 Million AW Credits + 2000 AW Gold Coins
.award.02nd Place : Rs.2000 + 03 Millions AW Credits + 1000 AW Gold Coins
.award.03rd Place :Rs.1000 + 02 Millions AW Credits + 700 AW Gold Coins
.award.04/05th Places: Rs.500 + 1.5 Million AW Credits + 150 AW Coins
.award.06th place to 10th Place : Rs.200 + 01 Million AW Credits + 100 AW Coins
.award.11-20th Place : 500,000 AW Credits
.award.21-30th Place : 75,000 AW Credits
.alert.(Should Have played at least 03 Matches for rewards).updated.

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