.aw. Championship Tri Series

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.news. .aw. Senior Members & Main Staff Present .cricket. Tri Series XI side 50 Overs Tournament .dong.

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This competition is mainly conducted with the participation of 3 teams.

The teams are named as Sri Lanka XI, India XI and staff XI & Sri Lanka and India national members can join the teams representing those countries and only staff members can compete in the respective team. Only 11 members will be admitted to a team and the members who register first will have the opportunity to represent the respective team.

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1.Original and active members of .aw. are eligible for registration.
2. You must confirm that you are a Original member by liking this topic and anyone who does not confirm this can not participate in the competition.
3. All playing members must respect others and never act to the detriment of the vitality of the game.
4. 10,000.credit.(non-refundable) registration fee and all the credit will be added to the gift

+LoStWoRlD:21 days ago
With 11 players per team, 33 players will be selected and their place in the team will be determined by participating in a 2 Over with 49 .credit.competition with a non-partisan(neutral/non play the tournament) member.
After the start of the match with the player of the other team whose position number is mentioned, the respective number of overs should be played at 49 .credit. No one can challenge this condition.

+LoStWoRlD:21 days ago
The number of overs corresponding to the position number[br/] 1 Batter-10 Ov[br/]2 Batter -10 Ov[br/]3 Batter - 6 Ov[br/]4 Batter-6 Ov[br/]5 Batter-3 Ov[br/]6 Batter-3 Ov[br/]7 Batter-3 Ov[br/]8 Batter-3 Ov[br/]9 Batter-2 Ov[br/]10 Batter-2 Ov[br/]11 Batter -2 Ov[br/] Total 50 Overs[br/][br/] Check Your name is include here .folder. .aw. Tri Series Teams

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