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+HoT_TeaR:78 days ago
hello. .friends.[br/] Every Day I Ask a Simple Quiz in Here.All You Have to Do is Answer it Correctly.1st Three Correct Answers Gain Amazing CREDITS & COIN Gifts .wow.[br/][br/].point. 1st Answer - 10000 Credits[br/].point. 2nd Answer - 7000 Credits[br/].point. 3rd Answer - 3000 Credits[br/][br/]Conditions[br/] .star. You Cant Edit Your Answer[br/] (You Can Answer As Much As you Want.But i Count Only Ur Latest Answer)[br/] .star. My Decision is Last Decision[br/][br/].alert. .alert. IF u Not Like This Topic , U Cnt Get Ur Prize .smile. KEEP IT MIND

+HoT_TeaR:71 days ago

+saiki:71 days ago
999.999 .ura.

+CountHelsingVan:70 days ago

-Ak_Niazi:70 days ago

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