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-theone86:40 days ago
One of the very first days photo when I started wildlife photography seriously. I was in merchant navy and I left my job in the end of year 2018. In the same year I started wildlife photography and I visited a place to take photos of this beauty. That time I wasn't aware of lot of things. Camera settings is a very difficult thing. The verditer flycatcher (Eumyias thalassinus) is an Old World flycatcher It is found from the Himalayas through Southeast Asia to Sumatra.

-theone86:40 days ago
In Lockdown period I was bored staying in home and couldn't go to jungles to take photos. Nature never disappoints you at all. I started giving myself more time to stay in our third floor rooftop. And slowly day by day I used to take photos of different birds from rooftop. This bird is Blue-throated Barbet and it's one of the most colorful bird. In our local language we call it বসন্তবৌরী। #Explorer-Ethan.

-theone86:40 days ago
The Long-tailed Broadbill.. The long-tailed broadbill (Psarisomus dalhousiae) is a species of bird that is found in the Himalayas, extending east through Northeastern India to Southeast Asia. It is the only bird in the genus Psarisomus. The long-tailed broadbill is about 25 cm (10 inches) in length and weighs between 50 and 60 grams. It can be identified by its shrill call.#Explorer-Ethan..

-theone86:40 days ago
The baya weaver (The engineer bird) (Ploceus philippinus) is a weaverbird found across the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Flocks of these birds are found in grasslands, cultivated areas, scrub and secondary growth and they are best known for their hanging retort shaped nests woven from leaves. These nest colonies are usually found on thorny trees or palm fronds and the nests are often built near water or hanging over water where predators cannot reach easily.

-theone86:40 days ago
The Indian Paradise Flycatcher. This bird is known as the dancer of the paradise for its beauty. It's an awesome looking bird with it's extraordinary long tail. The tail waves when the beautiful bird flies. I have seen this bird many times but never managed to get a beautiful photo as here. The background was awesome green and it was perched on a single perch. Was lucky enough to get a beautiful shot of this awesome bird. #Explorer-Ethan..

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