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+Tuttle:95 days ago
Which was your magic word tonight[br/].down..down.[br/][br/][br/][br/]A: Wingardium Leviosa [br/]B: Ong Ring Kattu Kattu [br/]C: Expecto Patronum[br/]D: Eshwa Puuh[br/]E: Aminda Ko Litha[br/][br/][br/]Type : A B C D or E.bunny.

+Qt_PoIzN:95 days ago
Tel u l8r...yaha...

+Tuttle:95 days ago
Maximum time C.rambo.

+sSam_:95 days ago
.eee. I lost many times. Mostly used B

+Tuttle:95 days ago
C is the correct word maximum time

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