Lock Down the Town

-twist:238 days ago
we are killing our time here whole day doin activities... In some of parts we get fun in our own interest. But end of the day what we get 1 lakh 50thousad or 10 thousand credits. But don't get Gold coins or any other benefits for our golden hours spend . From tonight mid night 12 stop all activities in all area.

+iNdUWarA:238 days ago
@araa give us some benifits

+kamina:238 days ago
Yes agree , @araa i spend more than 15 hours daily in aw , but at the end i get only 10k crdts and magic lamp and that magic lamp crdts i get once in a while not everyday . .please. @araa we all active users need something more like gold coins / farm products / magic sticks etc . 10k crdts can be won just by getting 3 or 4 bonus crdts . So please for top 15 active users give some attractive offers .ty. .awb.

+Qt_PoIzN:238 days ago
Yep ...I agree ...v spend so much tym ...on .aw...but gain so little ...beta v dnt do activitiez ...v still vil get creditz ...unfair 2 uz dat spend so much tym here ....doze dat don't spend tym here gain more ven dey receive .lamp.....n yet dey not az active az us [email protected]

+Qt_PoIzN:238 days ago
V may not be lankanz but v spend more tym on ...aw...Dan even da lankanz ...vid no benefitz ....veneva v complain.. ...u do nothing 2 help uz @araa.....leaving diz syt iz an attractive option

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