Aladdin And the Magic Lamp

-aRaa:1583 days ago

The Lastest Game in .aw. will be release on sunday .keep in touch!

+aRaa:1583 days ago

How to Play Aladdin And Magic Lamp Game?
.lamp. Every Midnight Aladdin sends 10 Magic Lamps to .starsm. Top 10 Active users.
.lamp. When you recieve Magic Lamp, you can Accept / Reject it.
.lamp. There is a Ghost inside the lamp. your 1st mission is to release the ghost ghost. The most interesting part is every ghost has different magic words to release. So you have to select correct Magic Words and Rub the Lamp.
.lamp. You have 3 chances to guess the correct magic words.
.lamp. If you guess correct Magic words then Ghost come out.

+aRaa:1583 days ago

.lamp. Then Mission2 starts now! Ghost says he feels alone. his cousing ghosts also stuck in other lamps.
So he asks to release one more his cousin ghost! So ghost give rights to send two lamps to your two friends.
.lamp. Then you can send two Magics lamps to your friends. if your friend able guess correct magic words and release 1 ghost . you get 20,000 Credits award
.lamp. and your friend also get rights to send 2 more lamps to his friends.
.lamp. @ 12.00 A.M Game resets.

+aRaa:1583 days ago
.!2. This is a Piramide system looping game coded by me . Only from (until fake site owner copy us) Enjoy!!!

+HappY:1583 days ago
.wow. very nice .kiu. bro

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