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-aRaa:493 days ago
.starsm. Top Active users in .aw.
the latest feature added in arawap. everyday Midnight system will select .cup. most active user .cup. 2nd place ..cup. 3rd place and 4th to 10th places AND AWARD CREDITS GIFTS!! in future we hope to give Real Money reload for Most active user

+aRaa:493 days ago
Following Activities add you points[br/].starsm. AW credits bomb win 1000 crdtz or more = 1 point [br/].starsm. Topic posts (max 10 points per day) = 1 point [br/].starsm. Win JackMate game (max 10 points per day) = 1 point [br/].starsm. Help Farmers (max 15 points per day) = 1 point [br/].starsm. AW farm unlock key (max 15 points per day) = 1 point [br/].starsm. AW farm level complete (max 15 points per day) = 1 point [br/].starsm. Catch lucky coin in chat (max 10 points per day) = 2 points [br/].starsm. Normal Shout = 1 point [br/].starsm. Photo Shout = 2 points [br/].starsm. 30 Minutes online bonus = 3 points [br/].starsm. Open treasure Box = 7 points [br/].starsm. Chat day winner = 15 points

+aRaa:493 days ago
.award. 1st place = 100000 Credits
.award. 2nd place = 50000 Credits
.award. 3rd place = 30000 Credits
.award. 4th to 10th places = 10000 Credits

+aRaa:493 days ago
@ 12.00 am all points reset and you can try again to be the active user of the day!

+IshAaaN:493 days ago
.keepup. and .familywap.

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