AW Credits Bomb!!

-aRaa:1811 days ago
you might already played it! but its more developed. now you have more chances to win UNLIMITED Credits through this game
what is this game?
Game concept is simple. Aliens have planted Nuclear Bombs in several cities! Your mission is to disable Bombs and save the World! then you will get .free. credits gift!
Every succussfull mission ur credits gift get double until no limit you have a choice to go next mission or take pot amount credits.

+aRaa:1811 days ago
How to play this game?
.point. Every 1 Hour You Will get a Free Mission pass
.point. Click Red/Green Wire to Disable the Bomb
.point. If U Cut correct Wire ,You have two choices
1) .x. Take Won credits and terminate the mission OR
2) .x. Continue next mission

.point. If you continue next mission your pot credits will be get double (For an ex:1st mission 500 credits > 2nd mission 1000 credits > 3rd mission 2000 credits >>> ...11th mission 512000 credits etc....NO LIMIT )
.point. But if bomb Exploded ur pending credits get lost .

+aRaa:1811 days ago

+HappY:1811 days ago
.wow...Very Good Game...We .like. it too much .kiu.. brother

+Amindakolitha:1811 days ago
.good.Eka hodai mata me සොච්චම් මුදල ජිවත් වෙන්න මදි .aaa.

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