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-NeLakA:2383 days ago

.right. Dear , Weekly we get lot of complains from users who forget their Arawap login password.
.right. If they have varified their email they can use password recovery option and solve their problem fast.
.right. But if they do not have varified their email its very hard to help them to get their password again.
.right. So I think all Arawap Users must have varified their email address. So do not take a risk .!3.


+NeLakA:2383 days ago
[br/]- What You Will Get -[br/][br/].point2. You Can Use Password Recovery Option[br/].point2. You Will Get Email Notifications ( about your profile viewers & pm you got )[br/].point2. You Can Protect Your Profile From Others .lock. ( your profile will be 100% Secured !! )[br/][br/]- How You Varify Your Email -[br/][br/]Step - 1[br/].point. Go To Control Panel...[br/][br/][br/]Step - 2[br/].point. Click on varify email link.....[br/]

+NeLakA:2383 days ago
[br/]Step -3[br/].point. Enter your email & the code you see there. Then Press Varify Now button ....[br/][br/][br/]Step - 4[br/].point. Now go to your email inbox and click the link of varification email you got from arawap. ( it may be saved in your email spam folder )[br/][br/][br/]Step - 5[br/].point. Now go to Control Panel > Edit Basic Info. You Can see like this... Now you have successfully varified your email..... .shake.[br/][br/]

+NeLakA:2383 days ago

Special NOTE - .!2.

.point. Please REMEMBER Your Varified Email Address ( if u have lot of email addresses, pls make sure you will not forget your arawap varified email address. .!. if u think it will be forget, pls write down it in your diary or a notebook )

.point. If you have varified your email address already, but if u dont know what is your varified email address, pls contact online staff member or open a help ticket & ask your varified email address.

.point. If you have varified your email once, you can not change it in control panel > Edit basic info... Its Not Possible. .notok.
If you need to change your varified email address, please open a Help Ticket !! .ok.

+NeLakA:2383 days ago

So why are you still waiting !! Varify your email address and Secured Your AraWap Profile .lock. !!
.point2. You will Get 20 .coins. Gold Coins .free.

If u hv any Questions/complains/problems in Arawap, pls go to AW Help Center
.hand. .familywap.

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