GeT SomE CompensatioN

-priya25: 11/07/18 - 23:41:19
.attention. .hi5. GuyS, ThErE WaS an ErroR in .aw. which is likely Caused bY server problem And Some More IssueS Too.sad.,. .please. Be patience GuyS .xx. AlreadY InformeD araa About this error. . SooN ErroRs And ProblemS will Be .sorry. for inconvenience .fit.

+LoStWoRlD: 11/07/18 - 23:46:31

+priya25: 11/07/18 - 23:52:07
.alert. Post Ur namE In this Topic Guys and Get Some CompensatioN as Follows .down..down. 2Gold Rings oR 4 SunflowerS Or 7Cherry .line2. .star2. OR U Will GeT Random credits Gift From 10000Credits To 2,00,000CrediTs .line2. OR .star2. u Will GeT Random COinS FrOm 10Coins to 100Coins .fit. Just post ur name.down. daily ,And u Will Get somE Random AssureD gifts .fit.

+Alfazz: 11/07/18 - 23:52:17
hmm... m .waiting.

+priya25: 11/07/18 - 23:52:54
Post Ur naMe in This topic And u will Get comPensaTion for every 24hours .clock. untill Error is CompensatioN distributed List.cs..

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