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-abidsohan: 07/05/18 - 00:37:22
.hi5. for the first time OK Cricket League is started.it is the main topic.All players hv to like this topic evryday & stay updated by viewing this topic..alert. Helder dcsn is final.if needed then helder can change dcsn anytime
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+abidsohan: 07/05/18 - 00:37:31
Game Format: .down.
Round 1:>>>total 32 player in this round.32 players r dived into 4 groups.Each group their are 8 users..all group match will be like ipl system.a player will face the other 7 user of his group twice.top 4 players from each group will qualify in 2nd round
round 2>>>>> there are total 16 user in this round.they will be divided into 2 groups.it will be same like round 1.top 4 from each group will qualify in round 3.

+abidsohan: 07/05/18 - 00:38:20
Round 3>>>>>>there will be 8 players in this round.and all the player will face eachother twice.then top 4 user will qualify for the qualifier and elimantor..it will be same like ipl qualifying and elimantor round..then the winner of qualufier 1 and qualifier 2 will play the final
.alert. The Game Will Be 6 Over Match and 66 bet.the game will held in Cricket Chat Room.Players must present in the crket rm bfr the match time.waitng time 10 mnts

+abidsohan: 07/05/18 - 00:39:13
Group A .down.

+abidsohan: 07/05/18 - 00:40:14
.Group B .down.

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