ALpHaBaTicAL GaMe-Win CrdTz

-AsHiHaNi: 06/06/16 - 15:40:48
coz of great intrest of users in this game, .now. new prizes r added in the game, .now. u will get 500 credits on getting lucky word (M] every time,.smile. and .now. u,ll get 100 credits on every vowel word, .yu. but .now. .rules. r strict so if u,ll break .rules. then u will not get any prize in that game,
from .now. game sponsor is .certy. AsHiHaNi .pm. to him only if u not get prise after 5 days.yaha.

.alert.topic like is must for participants

-chameli: 06/06/16 - 15:43:00

+AsHiHaNi: 06/06/16 - 15:43:22
ThiS iS a NeW GaMe FoR .arawapperzz. To WiN CrdTz.!2.
JuSt PoSt ALpHaTicS MeThoDiCaLy (A.B.C.D........Z).play.
AnD ThE WoRd
~M~ Is ThE LuCkY WoRd EvErY TiMe.award.
.cup.PriZe iS 500 CrdTs EvErY TimE
Do .pm. To AsHiHaNi AfTeR GeTinG LuCkY WoRd
DoNt TrY tO fLoOd So NoOnE Can PosT 2 TiMe CoNtInIoUslY ExCePt GaMe OwNeR★
StArT .now.

(only one word in one post, pvt prfl.ll b cncld)

+vkraj: 06/06/16 - 15:45:02

+NoorJahan: 06/06/16 - 15:45:13

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